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zameeni for a cause
zameeni for a cause
- zameeni For A Cause
Eradicate Unethical Practice Towards Craftsmen & Craft

Manisha, the founder of zameeni, disagrees with the practice of credit and bargaining with the weavers, as it is counterproductive to her cause. For Manisha, zameeni is a channel that contributes its profits to various causes

In the process of exploring places for procurement, Manisha has seen the root problem of the industry, which has motivated her to get associated with a few NGOs as a volunteer.

  • Promoted handmade candles made by an NGO and the proceeds went for the education of underprivileged kids.
  • Generated funds for underprivileged kids and provided vocational training for their mothers, by supporting Project “Kuttir”.
  • Volunteered with “Pratham Education Foundation” which caters to the educational needs of underprivileged children.

Mind - Buddies

Mind – Buddies is a close cause to the Jhamb family and is an initiative undertaken by zameeni to overcome the societal stigma of mental health. With rich experience in attending to stressed-out, tired, and exhausted minds, Mind Buddies help them come out of the situation with innovative soft techniques. The techniques include but are not limited to educating, creating awareness, and inspiring confidence that it is not sickness but a state of mind which is surely curable. The team is right there for interactive sessions, practical engagements, and community development projects which help out in healing the stressed-out souls.


Project - Oorja

The Brahmaputra now flows almost 2 meters above the danger mark & as per the current assessment by Assam Disaster Management Committee, the condition of Assam due to floods is more alarming than the years before. Due to COVID, villagers cannot go out of their tattered houses already submerged in water. With no income & source of livelihood, food and sanitation is an issue that they currently face.

Project Oorja is working on the ground, providing ration & hygiene relief kits in Lukhuralhania & Mohpara villages in Dowgaon, Dumjan, 1no Kohora & Borbil in Kaziranga.

Paper Bag Project - zameeni

We at zameeni aspire to leave a smaller carbon footprint and be socially and environmentally responsible. With his thought, zameeni has associated to a special School “Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan”, which provides small skills for differently abled youngsters.

As we are on the mission of reviving the handloom saris again, we equally understand the social and moral responsibility. We have tried to empower few eco-friendly skills to our differently abled youth, by industry experts. By initiating, how to make PAPER BAGS, what all raw materials needed to start a Micro business in the same domain, with the help of govt. policies

We believe in together we grow, lets support them, lets made India true socially empower nation.


Donation to Migrant Workers and Daily Wagers

We at zameeni believe in sharing goodness to the world. During Pandemic, we associated with Sona Sarovar Trust and we provided ration to 100-200 families of Migrant Workers and Daily Wage Earners.

Sona Sarovar Trust was set up to help slum children so that they do not fall into the trap of illiteracy & poverty & become responsible citizens of India. They have actively helped the needy families during the Pandemic. We are glad to be a part of this cause and to be associated with them.

*zameeni at 102 BN RAF, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai*

It was a bliss and honour to represent zameeni at 102 BN RAF (CRPF) Kharghar, Navi Mumbai on National Handloom Day.
RAF i.e. Rapid Action Force is a specialized security force. As this force work day & night to protect us and ensure us a secure life. On the other side they definitely cherish the roots of our country. The ancient art ‘Handlooms’. What could be the best day to shower love on this art other than National Handloom Day?

Yes 102 BN RAF, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai invited zameeni to create awareness about handloom. It was honour to accept this invite and interact with RAF community and their families. The response & love for handloom was showered by them. It was a great interactive session.

Thank you,


zameeni Founder at Inspiring Women Awards 2022 event, Navi Mumbai

On March 24th a mega event “Inspiring Women Awards 2022” was held at the grand venue “i Leaf banquets” located at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Our founder Mrs. Manish Jhamb was selected as the awardee for our category in the field of “Fashion”. It all happened because of the years that she has spent helping thousands on their journey of life through selfless dedication. She is amazing when it comes to balancing fashion and nature🙌🏻 They both go hand in hand here.

100% Pure, Exclusive & Organic slow fashion is what we believe in❤️