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Navi Mumbai
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Indulge in the Artistry and Beauty of Handwoven Clothing. Handwoven garments are masterpieces, crafted with meticulous care and unwavering dedication. Sensory to the touch and imbued with a timeless ethnic charm, these sarees are woven using traditional spinning techniques, imbued with subtle asymmetries and unique irregularities that add to their true beauty.

India is a tapestry of diverse regions, each with its own unique culture and craftsmanship, from the vibrant tie-and-dye of Rajasthan, the intricate Patola of Gujarat, the luxurious Banarasi silk of the Ghats, the delicate beauty of North Indian Pashmina, to the opulent silk sarees of Kanchipuram. In the heart of the country lies Madhya Pradesh, the birthplace of the revered Chanderi style.

At zameeni, we are dedicated to preserving and promoting this rich cultural heritage, while also embracing the changing world around us. Our vision is to bring the beauty of these timeless crafts to modern women, marrying traditional techniques with dynamic, contemporary designs. Each handwoven saree is a symbol of cultural pride and a six-yard embodiment of elegance and treasure.


Why should you invest in Hand Woven fabrics?


  • They’re not mass-produced, giving you the privilege of owning something truly unique
  • They are produced with more time and the utmost care, hence are more durable
  • They are environmentally sustainable as they are crafted using traditional methods 
  • They empower local artisans and breathe life into techniques and processes that celebrate our heritage