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About Us

At zameeni, we strive to embody the essence of our name, which means “rooted”, in Hindi. By embracing our three core values: Ethical, Ethnic, and Exclusive, we celebrate art and imagination and bring that to the world. Under the visionary leadership of Ms. Manisha Jhamb, zameeni was founded with a mission to revive the dying heritage of Indian art, by empowering the artisans at the grassroots level.

The woman behind zameeni

As the curator of zameeni, Mrs. Jhamb personally selects the finest handcrafted pieces from across India, ensuring that each product is a testament to our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Through our premium collections of sarees, stoles, scarves, and suit pieces, we bring the traditional art of India directly to you, handpicked by the craftsmen themselves.

In addition to her role as the curator of zameeni, Mrs. Jhamb is also the founder of the NGO Mindbuddies, working towards mental well-being, and a poetess who sheds light on social issues through her writing.

“We are proud to offer our customers a unique shopping experience, where each product is not just a piece of clothing, but a story waiting to be told. Join us in our mission to revive and preserve the rich heritage of India’s art, by choosing zameeni for your next purchase.”

Mrs. Manisha Jhamb
From The Founder's Desk
Awards & Recognitions
We have been conferred with several awards for our contributions to helping revive Indian artistic heritage, empowering artisans, and promoting mental health. Some of these include: 
  • The Indian Achievers Clubs 50 under 50 acclaims, 2020
  • Felicitated at the national women parliament (NWP) launch, the Mumbai chapter 
  • Euro kids award for being the energy and spirit of the group
  • The Kanchan Foundation award for generating funds for underprivileged children
  • Stree Heart Foundation award for appreciation and recognition in raising awareness in the field of handlooms
  • NMFW-Horizon of creative souls award for designers for a cause
  • DivyaangDrishti 2018 award for supporting Drzya NGO
Social Cause
  • Ms. Manisha Jhamb has been associated with the Shakti Foundation, an after-school program that helps underprivileged girls grow into responsible adults. Teaching them life skills in unique ways is instrumental to the success stories of the Shakti Foundation. 
  • Her NGO Mindbuddies has been contributing to the lives of less privileged students through mentorship, in which she provides interactive sessions on mental health.  
  • She has been appointed as the Chief Advisor for the CSR activities of Voestalpine High-Performance Metals India Pvt Ltd. and has been actively leading the CSR group of the company by collaborating with various NGOs. She has also helped in developing the company’s social responsibility strategy.
  • She is also an external member of the POSH (prevention of sexual harassment of women at the workplace) committee for Greenpoint Technology Services Private Ltd, headquartered in New York.

The fascination behind weaving tradition

Manisha Jhamb, the visionary curator of zameeni, was deeply influenced by the timeless beauty of her grandmother's sarees from a young age. Despite her family's roots in Punjabi culture, she was captivated by the allure of the traditional garment and referred to the sari as a ``six-yard epitome of elegance.`` With a keen eye for detail and a passion for preserving cultural heritage, Manisha embarked on a journey to revive the dying art of Indian craftsmanship. She journeyed to every corner of India, from the bustling streets of Banaras to the remote regions of Kutch, to curate an exclusive collection of authentic and handcrafted artwork. The result of her efforts is zameeni - a brand that embodies the perfect blend of modern fashion and traditional art.










To revive old and dying arts while uplifting weavers, by giving the right direction and wages to the karigars.
To conserve and promote the heritage craftsmanship, and encompass the changing world around it with remaining consistently true to its innate qualities.