Why sari is in Flashback? – zameeni
Navi Mumbai
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What is the meaning of modernism? Modernization theory is used to explain the process of modernization within societies. The progressive transition from a ‘pre-modern’ or ‘traditional’ to a ‘modern’ society. But are we, really heading towards progress? Whether we live in the urban or rural population, modernization today, means we being more materialistic. In the race to fulfill the more materialistic need, powerful machines have been replaced instead of skilled handwork. This mechanical race is changing the social structure of society comparatively very fast. As we follow technologies like westerns, we are getting towards westerns lifestyle as well. Recently I was searching for some images of yesteryears movie stars for some project of mine, when I happened to see a candid photo of “Vaijantimala, Late Nargis & our former PM Indira Gandhi; altogether”. The image must have been shot in 1960’s era, absolute picture perfect moment. Though this image was telling a lot about the people of that era and their thoughts. Where all the three leading ladies in the frame, were prominent personalities in their respective fields. Yet they have carried their culture equally strong. All of them were wrapped in 6yards of saris, with such a grace. This makes me realize, what has happened to us these days, why can’t we have balance in our lifestyle the way these prominent personalities were or the people of that generation were. Why do we need to shed our tradition, in the name of westernization? As this westernization is impacting deep in the society in a drastic way. Meet, Mr. Murugappa, 5th generation handloom weaver, lives in the interior of Andhra Pradesh, earns mere Rs10, 000 per month only, inspite of working for 12 hrs. each day. Andhra Pradesh and Telengana used to have the maximum number of handloom weavers earlier, now it has reduced to 1/3rd strength only. The reason is clear because the demand for handloom has decreased drastically. I am glad that there are brands like zameeni, still trying their level best to motivate the handloom and keep the significance of sari alive.