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“When life gives you curve flaunt them”

And sari is once such attire. Zameeni brings millennial style for gorgeous you, who is always…on the go. An exclusive collection of “blend with twist” spice dressing. Meet our Sari Girl, Ms. Sanya, when she was 5 years old she was in love, and over the period of time her love has gone stronger day by day, Wherever she goes her love follows her J. Sometimes from Banaras, Bhagalpur, kanchipuram, Mangalore and so on and so forth. Yes, Ms. Sanya, the Sr. marketing manager with an esteemed company, is a sari lover, she perfectly carries Sari in Style with complete comfort. We loved her style so much, that we persuaded her to share her few styles for our viewers as well.

Millennium Generation, Ms. Sanya and her exclusive styles; she takes us on her 5 best tried and tested ways of carrying saris:

  1. Sari with Denim Jacket
  2. Sari with Crop Top
  3. Sari with your favorite Peplum Top
  4. Sari on your Comfy Tees with knot at one side
  5. Drape Sari Pallu as Scarf
We would love to hear your (viewers) experiences too as well. Let’s exchange the experimental threads of carrying sari, with each other. As being the Millennium women, we learnt the art of balance in our professional and personal life, expeditiously. So lets “Wear our Comfort” and share our thoughts here. Let’s create a new Mantra, summer in Sassy Saris and beat the heat with our own style with comfort. Happy draping to everyone!!