Magic of fusion – zameeni
Navi Mumbai
Ethical | Ethnic | Exclusive
A modern twist to the traditional 6 yards of elegance FUSION is a creative blend of styles or any kind of art of any two or more cultures. At zameeni, the fabric is treated with different kinds of art or weaving to incorporate fusion. The traditional saree type is administered with various techniques to make a completely new fabric or art. This fusion saree type is unique to the market, has a story behind it, and is one of the key offerings by zameeni! The magic of fusion gives a modern twist to the traditional sarees and makes them stand out. zameeni has done some pioneering work with creating new interesting fabrics with Geecha fabric, Kotas, cotton, raw silk, tussars, & Maheswari sarees. Incorporating fusion to fabrics is not the only thing they are doing. The collection at zameeni also comprises various embroideries (Kantha, chikankari, bel-booti embroidery, mirror work, Kundan work, gara embroidery, zardozi), Kalamkari patches, applique work, & block printing. The weavers, today, have started experimenting with new fabrics, cross-fabrics, innovative embroidery designs & techniques, modern prints, etc. They came to a realization that selling the same artwork over and over has reduced the demand for it and the designs, even though authentic, have a low impact if the market is saturated. On this, they changed to adding more fusion into their work and aiming for more growth. The ever-growing competition with the power loom has one positive impact on the handloom industry i.e. the invention of new fabrics, designs, and hybrid textiles! The weavers now focus on growth and change with these new creative fusion techniques. At zameeni, the weavers experimented with many textiles and made the hit fusion textiles - Muga cotton & tussar cotton. As change is inevitable to any industry, the weavers started experimenting and it then resulted in the creation of fusion Muga Cotton. They used one thread of cotton with one thread of Muga silk with different weaving techniques to make this whole new fabric which was comparatively cheaper to the original Muga Silk! Similar experiments were done with Tussar Silk. As owning an original Tussar silk saree is expensive, the weavers came up with a pocket-friendly product that had the original Tussar feel along with the fusion element to give it an edge. The exclusivity of a fusion drape involves a lot of experimenting and creativity. Always remember to add your personal touch in styling such a unique clothing item. The colors, fittings, patterns you choose will define your aura and will help enhance your elegance in such a fusion drape! 19-20th century has seen machine revolution, and introduction to the new fiber “Polyester” to the world, because of its low maintenance and high volume, its demand has always been high since its inception. And so been introduced polyester saris, addressing the needs of the mass market. Whereas 21st century has given us Information Technology, cutting down lot of human involvement and executing work by computers, and never the less sari manufacturing has got the complete new assembly line, to cater the need of fast pace consumers. It won’t be an exaggeration to say, the sari is the only attire in the world, which has gone trough constraint changes time to time, and yet been treasured.