Handloom need flag bearers!! – zameeni
Navi Mumbai
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The world has known India for its rich cultural heritage and its crafts. But post-colonial period we have not just seen cultural differences across the nation but also witnessing the gradual death of arts and crafts, as we are moving towards more technological dependency. For instance, handloom, where skilled workers are reducing year on year due to lack of meeting their living expenses. “Handloom deserves a place of pride in the textile industry”. Whereas the current position of handlooms in the socio-political arena and an annual contribution to the economy is the matter of concern. The reasons are hidden in narratives of productivity and efficiency and fuelled by the discourse of progress and development. These factors have hampered growth in the handloom industry and pushed it into the margins. Few major reasons are; Cotton prices are high, cotton quality has changed internationally, majority of women who contribute to this industry has always been socially considered that it’s just a secondary thing for them, natural colors been replaced by chemical dyes, above all since 19th century onwards power loom has taken 70% supply in Indian textile. Now question is, why is govt. not intervene in this matter, govt. has initiated, August 7th is declared as handloom day. Policies have been made, but what we lack is the right implementation of policies. Right policies to be set to provide the right wages to the skill weavers along with the right purchase of raw material and above all right marketing needs to be designed, to lead it to the end consumers. Let’s understand a land of 1.2 billion nation, how can push the envelope on govt. only, we are a democratic nation, so we have that power to revive and let the handloom thrive again. We, at zameeni appeal to our internationally acclaimed Film & Media fraternity, each and everyone of you please be the flag bearer for this dying art and help us to revive it again, which India was known for once upon a time. We request you to create your presence across the world in the Handloom saris, not just while attending National affair but also internationally. As media is playing a vital role in socio-economic presence of everyone’s life, as they are icons followed by millions, Bollywood can at least create their presence off-screen by sporting. We at zameeni believe you are the icons, who have the ability to change how audiences perceive saris and handlooms today.