CSR Activities At Zameeni – zameeni
Navi Mumbai
Ethical | Ethnic | Exclusive
Brand zameeni, whose philosophy is to live together and grow together. Has emerged as one of the socially and ethically brand, which provides complete support to its weavers and their family. zameeni has taken a unique initiative, along with “Together We Walk” team, this Diwali. One unique quality which humans have, as compared to any other living things on earth is, we can think, and so we can express all emotions freely, and this makes us a socially intelligent society. We at zameeni aspire to leave a smaller carbon footprint and be socially and environmentally responsible. With his thought, zameeni has associated to a special School “Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan”, which provides small skills for differently abled youngsters. As we are on the mission of reviving the handloom saris again, we equally understand the social and moral responsibility. We have tried to empower few eco-friendly skills to our differently abled youth, by industry experts. By initiating, how to make PAPER BAGS, what all raw materials needed to start a Micro business in the same domain, with the help of govt. policies We believe in together we grow, lets support them, lets made India true socially empower nation.