Be the style that reflects your aura – zameeni
Navi Mumbai
Ethical | Ethnic | Exclusive
Be your own style icon rather than copying any stars or influencer's style statement. ‘Style’ is not about wanting to be someone else, or following recent trends, it is about knowing yourself, believing in yourself, and working with what you have to create a visual representation of your soul on the outside for all the world to see. What we wear and how we style ourselves, communicates volumes about ourselves to others. Clothes have the ability to depict our attitude and mindset and can also shift the perception of ourselves. Thus, fashion is what you buy, but style is what you do with it! In today’s fast-paced world, fashion trends change as quickly as the movies in the multiplex. Trends change as people follow what the celebrities wear in a movie, at a party, or even at the airport! The problem arises when people mindlessly follow each and every trend and copy every item of clothing. Such trends can become aggressively popular and people end up wearing them even when it doesn’t suit them. Copying the exact item of clothing or styling them exactly, leaves no sense of personal style and one can always find someone dressed exactly the same at any given event. Creating your personal style and trying things that suit your personality is crucial in making a style statement and also helps avoid the embarrassment of wearing the same outfits! The clothing industry, currently, is obsessed with copying any design worn by celebrities. Having access to all the ‘celebrity looks’ has increased the demand from people for such designs. The impact on the fashion industry is both positive and negative. The increased demand for fashion is positive for the industry. Whereas, providing supply for such demand has created a negative impact. The huge demand is met with bulk productions using cheaper materials and secondary fabrics. Such designs are then easily sold over various social media platforms as well as within WhatsApp groups for an extremely cheap price. This disrupts the market price for the original material & fabric and the effort behind designing it. And people end up buying lower quality products that are not even unique and can be seen worn by multiple people around. The large-scale production of ever-changing fashion trends has an adverse effect on the hand-loom industry. The hand-loom industry takes time and precision to carefully craft every item. Each product is made with patience and each fabric is treated with love and respect making every single product unique. Large-scale production neglects all these attributes which result in products without character. People who mindlessly follow each celebrity trend do not pay attention to such characteristics and rarely possess any knowledge of fabrics & materials they’re using. The authenticity of the design & respect for the fabric is lost somewhere in this trendy world of fashion. The mass production of a particular design can have a huge negative impact as the trends keep changing rapidly. In a recent case study, the ethnic design of Buddha over saris and kurtas was in trend and the manufacturers started to mass-produce such products. Looking at the huge demand, the production was made on a large scale. Such ethnic designs are something people will buy only 1-2 products. There was a point where people stopped purchasing the designs as they already had a different garment with the same design. The trend changed overnight and the market for Buddha design was already saturated. The design was outdated and the product quantity unsold was huge. The change in the demand was quick and losses were incurred. Making your own style statement reflects who you are and gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd! Also, buying single-use garments cripples the hand-loom industry, destroys the market value of rich fabrics, and also pollutes the earth... So invest in authentic products, style them to reflect your aura, and make an eye-catching statement!