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Silk of Maheshwar

Sitting on the Ghats of Narmada river,in Madhya Pradesh, you feel the serenity of the place amalgamated with nature and its rich history.

Behind the ghat stands tall, the fort of Ahilyabai, which was the palace of queen of Malwa in 18th century.

The queen who revived the textile of India, in its most beautiful form, which is adored by women even today.

Close to the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh, lies Maheswar city, famous for its renowned Maheswari silk, which has extremely fine texture and delicate weaving pattern. Inspirations for these designs are from temples and forts all across nation; queen of Malwa has initiated this art.

Three main elements of these saris are cotton, silk and zari. Based on the design of the border, there are the following types of Maheshwari saris: Maheshwar bugdi kinar, zari patti, rui phool kinar, phool kinar, chatai kinar, V kinar, kahar kinar, bajuband kinar,

The beautiful Maheshwari saris are among the most popular saris produced in India. These saris are in demand not only in India, but also in international markets.


  • The unique feature of Maheshwari saris is its reversible border. The border is designed in such a way that both sides of the sari can be worn.
  • The colors of the Maheshwari sari are made using natural vegetable dyes
  • These saris are extremely lightweight and easy to wear

Chikan Embroidery

Today 400 years old, Lucknowi chikan embroidery enjoys international appeal, apart from being a traditional go-to garment for most religious gatherings and festivals. The origin of this artwork is from the city of nawabs and kababs; the Lucknow city.

Chikan embroidery is a shadow artwork. Due to the Persian influence, flowers with stems, buti and leaves has been staple motifs of chikan designs. Other motifs include Mukaish, Kamdani, Badla as well as sequin, bead and mirror work.

The traditional art of this embroidery used to be muslin cloth, which has now been swapped for lighter fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon, organza and net.

Amalgamation of Maheswari silk & Chikan embroidery:

The tradition art has taken a new, wider and richer meaning. One such successful experiment is maheshwari silk and chikan embroidery.

A limited edition by zameeni, a beautiful handloom Maheshwari silk sari with the legendary Chikankari embroidery. Elegant attire for the party wears; use it when you want something perfect, rich but not overstated.