Amalgamation in saree – zameeni
Navi Mumbai
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AMALGAMATION is the action, process, or result of combining or uniting. Still, we know; “ONLY CHANGE IS VITAL”. As Food & Fashion of any nation describes, a lot about the culture of that nation so is the case with India. Just like the spicy food we love colorful attire as well; whether traditional or modern. In the new millennium, it’s hard not to find international fashion shows without getting inspired by India. So collection or part of the collection flaunting motifs and prints or silhouettes, which represents opulence of India. From fashion houses like Chanel, McQueen, Hermes, LV etc, all have taken inspiration from Indian motifs. The Indian-ness touch in these world-renowned fashion houses has been added due to an increase of Indian clientele. Talk about Indian Culture, sari plays a vital role. Sari is the only attire, which is an amalgamation of sophistication and fashion. Even though sari has seen a lot of changes, imbibed by our prestigious designers, no matter how fashionable or fusion you create with clothes, the essential 6 yards sari will stay as it is. At zameeni, we understand the need for change in attire, as the demand of time. Considering this we have got an exclusive collection of Suits & Saris straight from weavers, by providing them complete direction, as per today’s need. Designs right from Ikat to traditional fabrics and from royal styles to modern motifs, at zameeni, we have tried to give sari lot of blends; whether in fabrics, yarn, weaving techniques, different types of hand embroidery. To name a few; warli paintings on Tussar silk, kalamkari on silk, Kathakali on Geecha, patchwork on muslin etc. zameeni has attempted to strike a balance in Indian women’s attire from office wear to party wear, by creating “Style & Substance”.