Sari Ek Soch

India is one of the oldest civilization in the world, every 100km we find cultural differences, be it food or language, still, one thing which IS common even in the remotest part of the nation “till date” is that women generally are draped in “the” sari. This shows the amount of deep-rooted inheritance.

Today’s young independent women, who wear western clothes like to connect with their roots from time to time and have reserved the sari for special occasions.

Due course of time they start seeing sari as a synonym of power.

Sari is not just 5 yards of drape, but for many of us, it is being rooted in the Indian culture, values, and tradition and yet remain contemporary in this contemporary world. We have so many examples in our society, look at women CEO’s, they carry sari equally well, be it boardroom meeting or foreign delegations, to name a few “Chanda Kochhar” of ICIC Bank, “Vinita Balli” of Britannia. This shows the strength of sari simply personified.

At Zameeni, our core value is “connection with the Indian Tradition” which we have towards our society. Clothing is absolute freedom of expression in our nation, but in the name of fashion, we should not overlook our own culture.

How about adopting a new mantra, for a new age; by being contemporary, by creating the new style of paring sari in more versatile and contemporary way, and while you step out with this new look do not forget to carry your strong confidence and smile. Let our Indian root be noticed as a modern age fashion statement.

What could be the better example we can have; when we see all the Padma Bhushan/Padma Vibhushan/Padma Shri women awardees are mostly receiving these prestigious awards in saris; where these awardees belong to various walk of life.

To name a few; “Vidya Balan”, “Priyanka Chopra”, Wrestler “Sakshi Mallik”. Examples are infinite.

From doting mother to being the big boss of an organization, fulfilling all her responsibilities. That’s where we at zameeni believes sari “as the timeless fashion”, let’s celebrate the sarihood ladies !!

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