Plight Of Weavers Needs Our Attention

Weavers, weaving at fall of night,
Why do you weave a garment so bright?
Like the plumes of a peacock, purple and green,
We weave the marriage-veils of a queen.

Lines by our very own Sarojini Naidu ji… which can easily express how the magic of weavers define the personality of individual who wears these clothes.

Textile, a very ancient industry in the world and Sari have been an exclusive form of this art, which has been preserved and exhibits the fine and delicate array of weaving in Indian textile globally.

Where fashion just not rule but back by the strong cause imbibe with the cultural heritage.

This mesmerizing capacity to create any masterpiece lies in two things –mind and hand

Despite the strong wave of the power loom, which has almost swept away handloom sector post-independence era due to the introduction of industrialization and globalization.

Thankfully because of the effort of few; handloom is getting back in its old strength again. Handloom weaving provides employment to more than 4.3 million weavers and allied weavers. Handloom contributes 15% of total cloth production in the country.

Whereas India holds 95% of the worlds hand-woven fabrics.

We at zameeni, choose exclusive and selective hand-woven masterpieces from across the nation, straight from weavers den. All these hand-woven masterpieces though facing tough competition with fast fashion but still manage to hold its position strongly.

Recently we all have witnessed our very own epitome of Power performance and Fashion Icon “Kangana Ranaut” in Black Sari at Cannes film festival with signature Andrew Hepburn look, has LEFT. A true responsible Fashionista, which Kangana is, left a strong presence of her on red carpet globally.

zameeni has taken a small step in reviving this traditional art of handloom weaving from ikat to jamdani, kalamkari to banarsi silk brocade, tanat to phulkari etc.

Let’s stand with zameeni, where each weaver gets rewarded truly for there every single masterpiece and have an equal living standard. Let’s pledge to change our weaver’s life and make it easy for them to breath, which is possible from every single purchase of ours.

Let Handloom be the new VOGUE.

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