Orissa, the land of fine Ikat

Orissa, the 9th largest state by area and the 11th largest by population in India. It is also the 3rd most populous state of India in terms of tribal population, yet Orissa stands out in its textile inheritance as a strong cultural platform to our nations textile industry. The tribal people of the State excel in producing textiles of myriad hues using vegetable dyes.

The Ikat fabrics are particularly a distinctive feature of Orissan textiles. The term Ikat is derived from a South East Asian word and reflects the ancient maritime trade between Orissa and Indonesia. Most of the handloom textiles of Orissa are woven in bright and strong colors.

Silk ikat weaves created by an intricate process called the “bandha” in which warp and weft threads are tie-dyed to produce the pattern on the loom while weaving. Typical design motifs include rows of birds and animals, fish, seashells, rudraksha beads, and temple spires.

Saktapar sari, Khanduas having elaborate designs, the rich red jotai ikat with rows of stylized trees and temple spires on the borders, the unbleached cotton kotpad from Koraput offset by a vibrant red dyed border, the Taraballi and the Bichitrapuri, are the few different styles of sari weaving in Orissa. zameeni, puts the equal efforts to get this detailed craftsmanship to your hands.

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