KADHAEE (Embroidery)

Evolution has always been constant and will keep on evolving till the mankind will be there in the universe.

Since the inception of yarn, followed by fabric, humans all across the world has always been contributing to the textile industry in various ways. One such dominant style is “Embroidery”, style of decorating fabric with different combinations of colors of thread, with the help of a needle..

It’s the art of ornamentation inspired by nature, mythological stories and surroundings etc.

Where a lot of imagination, color combination, hard work, patience and time goes behind, in every design.

Indian embroidery has its own glorious history and charm. Globally when we talk about Indian Fabrics, arts and craft…what strike, first are vibrant colors, as India has always been known for its vibrant color pallets.

Indian motifs, designs, and color pallets are very region specific. As India is a nation of multi-linguistic, so is its culture and design details, this inspiration is from nature, religion. Indian style is so dominantly region specific, that by seeing any form of art, it’s easy to tell its place of origin.

Globally since the introduction of machine embroidery along with fast fashion, these man-made machines have overruled this form of art. Thankfully before these art been dead, a lot of development and reincarnation of these techniques be done by few individuals, NGO’s, govt bodies. One such true believer of reviving the old art alive and taking it forward strongly is from “zameeni” brand. Since the inception of this brand, the core reason for the brand is to let the old art revive again keeping the demand of today’s youth in mind.

Let’s take a small tour starting from Valley of flowers to God’s own country

  1. Kashmir, where the name of embroidery is “Kashida”.
  2. Himachal Pradesh where “Chamba Rumal” has a unique style.
  3. Punjab’s “Phulkari” has a beautiful style with the vibrancy of colors.
  4. Rajasthan “Rabri, Gota, Pichwai, Rabari “ style, again a colorful state and so its designs.
  5. Gujarat “ “Kathi, Kutch, Sindhi, Banni, Mirror work” styles are famous.
  6. Uttar Pradesh has its world-renowned style of “Chikankari, Phool Pati ka kaam”.
  7. Bihar “Sujini Quilting”.
  8. Seven sisters have there own styles where Manipuri & Assami styles are high in demands.
  9. Orrisa & West Bengal is known for their “Kantha “ work, globally.
  10. Madhya Pradesh interestingly depicts “Malwa & Nimar Banjara” style.
  11. Maharashtra has “Kasuti” style of work.
  12. Andhra Pradesh & Telangana has a unique style called “Banjara & Bead” styles.
  13. “Toda” Style of Tamil Nadu has its own place.
  14. Karnataka is known for its “Kasuti” style.
  15. Kerala has a very unique style called “Syrian”.

Arts & Crafts shows how various invasions have left their mark on various cultures. Let’s join the brand “zameeni’s” hand, to create awareness among all and art to always be in present not as remains of history.

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