Impact of Indian RUNAWAY …

When we talk about Fashion, the runway is the first image to appear in our mind where models showcasing various designer clothes.

Fashion week has created its presence in history since 1800 worldwide, though it has existed for only a little less than two decades in India.

Fashion is the form of expression and acceptance, in society, whereas India has always been a high tolerance with simple living society in spite of many cultural invasions. During colonization and post-colonization, need and demand of individuals start changing in all aspects of life.

In 1990s, when the Indian economy became open and welcomed foreign brands, society has gone through various structural changes in grass root level.

The dose of fashion started reaching to middle-class society through Citrahaar, Stardust or Filmfare magazines for a long period of time. Then came technology in picture, which has changed the approach of society and businesses associated with it.

Though Fashion shows in India have scattered and has barely-documented history, the very first documented Fashion week in India started in the year 2000, by FDCI.

LFW is the country’s elite fashion event, and arguably the primary platform for emerging and existing designers to meet with respective buyers worldwide today.

IN spite of such wide exposure to our various designers, I believe now it is the time for us to halt and


In my previous blogs I have mentioned, how the handloom industry is struggling and gradually we are losing the traditional craftsmanship, due to lack of its demand and support along with its high maintenance cost.

Many designers have tried to promote the Indian craftsmanship to the world, continuing with the same fire we at zameeni request all people associated to Fashion & Textile industry (directly or indirectly), to save our all-dying craftsmanship, before its too late.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

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