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“A picture is a poem without words”, so is the sari out of loom/karagha. Deep into the soul of every sari; intertwine the hardship of those hand, which has gone coarser with time, yet giving masterpieces generation to generation.

There are very few products in this world, which are eternal, Sari is one such product, but even then sari has witness the downfall during 1990’s era, as Indian society has started getting exposure of western world through various media channels.

Sari has almost been swept away, with the western style of dressing. But blessed were we, few passionately driven individuals, rolled their sleeves up to bring the old charm of sari revive.

In the league of revival, stands a brand name “zameeni” which has created a social & cultural niche for itself in short span of five years.

Nurturer and conceptualizer of the brand, Ms Manisha Jhamb; the lady who has laid the foundation of brand with social and ethical philosophy.

This quintessential piece of nine-yard fabric, creates more magic in its new avatar for the women of today, who is sassy yet astute, wears multiple hats with tranquility. She is an entrepreneur, professor, journalist, artist, blogger, techy, banker, homemaker. You name any profession, and you will find these genes of sari lover in any walk of life.

Lets walk with few of them and see what is the definition of sari for them in today’s milieu along with their respective profession


Ms Ankana, Kathak artist by profession, she believes sari for her is 9yards of timeless classic beauty and the most versatile form of dressing for women. Brings out the grace as well the swag.

She prefers zameeni saris; as for her it carries the stories of weavers from handloom passed as a cultural heritage.

RUFINA (Businesswomen)

Businesswomen by profession; Ms Rufina, knows how running a company is not a joke, she is always on the move.

Managing team members and handling every day’s nitty-gritty of business. Inspite of all the hardship her favorite attire is anytime sari, she prefers wearing subtleness with edge and calmness with a smile always.

Sari for her is a statement of style, which brings out the best in her. Where she believes zameeni saris are the perfect blend of heritage appeal with modern twist.

MANJU KHARBANDA (Home maker & Senior Citizen)

Sari is the epitome of timeless attire with no age bars.

Ms Manju, the senior citizen and seasoned homemaker; believes sari is not just our traditional attire but, it accentuates every women, without any body shaming and enhances the elegance and grace in her.

She believes, zameeni is a ray of hope, standing by its name and promoting the right spirit of tradition and culture, ethically.

MEENA BHATIA (Entrepreneur)

Serial Entrepreneur with a sharp eye for details.

Ms Meena has developed fondness for sari, since her tween age only. As she believes sari brings most strong, edgy, crisp, sharp and powerful dressing. Crisp Sari in a boardroom, has always worked in her favor.

Zameeni saris have become one of her favorite brand, as this brand focus every sari as a masterpiece, and has length and depth of saris for selection.

KANCHAN TODI (Philanthropist)

Who has many feathers on her hat

Ms Kanchan, a Fashion Designer by education, runs an NGO by passion & Philanthropist by choice.

While talking about sari Kanchan she believes she can’t justify herself in any other attire then sari, it comes naturally to her, as her root goes to West Bengal, which is famous for its sari culture.

Her sole reason of finding a perfect piece of sari in zameni, is because of the cause brand supports and it work towards promoting the Indian Traditional weavers by supporting Weavers across the country.

DEBJANI BASU KAHER (Home maker & Aspiring Entrepreneur)

Full time Mom & aspiring Entrepreneur;

Ms Debjani, says as far as she remembers, the love for saris and the art of draping them is something that has been passed on to every woman in her family as a legacy from her grandmothers, aunts and mom. She believes she is a proud sari enthusiast and sari is a treasure to pass as heirlooms.

Their grace and elegance remain unmatched. No other attire can make an Indian woman look more feminine and beautiful than the ubiquitous sari and is flawless on every size and shape.

She is the proud owner of zameeni saris as she is able to connect with the brand, as its collection lies in simplicity, age-old techniques of weaving and design. And bringing the sustainable model of clothing within reach of every woman.


Sari is unofficial yet official attire in our legislature. From bandh gala of Nehru jacket to Crisp cotton sari of Indira Gandhi to new waive of Modi Kurta, all these examples lead to one conclusion, Indian Politics are equally dominated by the manner which politician carry themselves

Meet Ms Sandhya, an Advocate & Politician who knows this strongly.

For she believes sari is attire, which aggrandizes female attributes, yet propositioning the image in public matters.

And zameeni is a brand, which eulogizes the true meaning of saris in today’s perspective.


Ms Meena, journalist by profession, recollects journalism, which has evolved a lot, has lots of sub divisions.

She recollects the era of 1990’s when the newsreader used to wear crisp iron saris, and has become the epitome of journalism.

Sari & Journalism has walked hand in hand for very long over the period of time.

She strongly believes, zameeni signifies truly to its cause and empowers its weavers across the nation.

To sum this article up, I read somewhere statement made by internationally renowned designer “Donna Karan”;

Many of our customers, travelling all across the world, so their preferences various with various styles of clothing. And that is one thing that Urban Zen needs to find season less and timeless clothing. So it is not about the fashion for a moment saying, “I have to have it now”. It’s something that you become a part of…like a SARI.

**We would love to hear your individual experiences of saris as well, and an interesting story will have interesting reward too **

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