Ethnicity – Flavors of Festivals

Festivity or India, are synonyms, it won’t be an exaggeration to call India, “the land of festivals”, and where so many religions and cultures reside together.

The rich Indian culture has changed with time and so our needs also, that is why once when Indian women used to be easily seen across the nation draped in saris, now can be seen only on festivals, which makes sari an exclusive attire.

And what would be the best time to take out these precious saris of silk or any other yarn, during festivals.

Sari gives the deep connection of our cultural heritage, and that is why most of us first choice is sari in all festivals.

Better exposure and availability has given the wider choice today, that is why we see north Indian women doting on Kanchiwaram saris and south Indian women also love to experiment Chanderi or Banarasi saris.

Wearing sari on these occasions is more emotional aspect, as we connect with our old memories of family coming together and where women used to mostly wear these beautiful saris. We at zameeni trying to bring this emotional quotation again in vogue by giving an exclusive collection of festival saris, to name a few: Chanderi Silk, Kosa Silk, Banarasi, Moga Silk, Bagalpuri Silk.

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