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State of Jagannath Temple, Orissa, the origin of Sambhalpuri saris. Its uniqueness is that it is completely handmade, from yarn to fabric, no machine is used in any steps. Famous motifs are Sankha or Shell, Phula, Flower, Birds, Animals, Fish, Wheel or Chakra, which are all traditional themes.
Sambhalpuri fabrics reflect an original style of craft known as Baandha, the yarn or set of yarn are tied according to the desired pattern using tie and dye technique.

There are around 5 unique variations of Sambalpuri sarIs; Paspali, Bapta, Barpali, Bomkai, Sonepuri Saris. Among all these Bapta, Bomkai and Barpali are more in demand. The unique feature of this design is its identical look on both side of fabric.

Zameeni has created a selective design in Sambhalpuri saris, for the modern women.


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