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As diversified is our nation, so is our textile. One such exquisite textile is Ghicha.
Ghicha or Khewa are the name of yarn that are not dyed when Tussar Silk is reeled. Ghicha is the byproduct of Tussar Silk. It has similar characteristics of cotton yet it has the sheen of lustrous silk.
Because of this unique quality, it is one of the most famous style of sari among celebrities today.

Ghicha is majorly produced in the eastern region of country; like Bihar, Assam, West Bengal.
As Ghicha saris are extremely comfortable to wear and easy to maintain, it has become the candy for many designers, and they have started mixing glamorous designs to Ghicha saris.

Ghicha being pocket friendly and its sheen look have created a buzz among youth these days. A beautiful option for gifting your loved ones or draping yourself with one. Ghicha at Zameeni is perfect attire to step out in style.


Showing 1–12 of 24 results