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Holy city of Benaras is famous for its beautiful Brocade and silky saris.
Benarasi saris are often part of Indian Bride Trousseau.
Benarasi Saris are among the finest sari in the world, weaved with delicate metallic thread of gold or silver, fine silk and grand ornamentation makes these saris relatively heavy.

Benaras used to be called as Athenas of India, situated in the banks of river ganga, which makes the place more approachable and fertile land. It used to be a major route of trading since the ancient times and still is.
Due to the inception of power looms, many artisans have lost their livelihood.

Every piece of Benarasi sari,at Zameeni is hand made by the exclusive craftsman. Zameeni is working with these craftsman, to revive the art and also raise their livelihood.


Showing 1–12 of 13 results