Ethical, Ethnic, Exclusive; these three E’s defines zameeni. Mrs Manisha Jhamb, brain behind zameeni, she started this brand with one objective, to bring ethical work structure in practice and revive dying art again.

zameeni is an online platform to buy exclusive collection of authentic artwork of every region, from Sari, Stoles, Scarves, Suit pieces.

All premium collections, hand crafted by craftsmen and designed by Manisha Jhamb.

zameeni is committed to bring the traditional art directly to you, straight from craftsman, and hand picked by Manisha, from all over the country.

zameeni is committed to bring ethic practice by empowering craftsmen at grass root level,revive  & preserve Indian art.

zameeni is also committed to share there experienced with its esteemed customers. Feel free to ask any questions where zameeni can help you. We would be bringing share of our experiences through our blog time to time, so do subscribe to our blog.


To eradicate unethical practice towards craftsmen and craft; that’s what zameeni stands for.

Manisha, the founder of zameeni, disagrees with the practice of credit and bargaining with the weavers, as it is counter productive to her cause.

In the process of exploring places for the procurement, Manisha has seen the root problem of the industry, which has motivated her to get associated to few NGO’s as a volunteer; to name a few

  • Promoted handmade candle made by an NGO and the proceeds went for the education of underprivileged kids.
  • Generated funds for underprivileged kids and provide vocational training for their mothers, by supporting Project “Kuttir”.
  •  Volunteered with “Pratham Education Foundation” that caters to the educational needs of underprivileged children.

She has co-founded a company “Together We Walk – Me & You”. Which addresses to various aspects for the welfare of Senior Citizens, Women & Youth.  Vision of TWW is to focus on Youth development, Women Empowerment by providing them fun filled Workshops, Seminars, Skill Training, Counseling Session


Since childhood, Saris have a special place in our heart. Remember how we all use to fiddle with our mother’s sari pallu and lets admit it, we all have atleast once tried to drape sari by ourselves.

But eventually we all get soaked in our daily life, and leave that adolescent fondness behind.

Thank fully there are few people who are determined to take this tradition and this art ahead, and bring a new dimension to this industry. Manisha Jhamab is one such person, with her strong passion and key for details, she has launched a brand called zameeni. The perfect blend of modern fashion weaved in traditional art.

Manisha’s passion has made her travel all parts of India, walking down to the narrow lanes (gali) of Benaras to deserted land of Kutch, and selected the exclusive pieces from every part of nation.

Determined to revive old and dyeing art alive, by giving value to its creator (karigars/weavers) for all their master pieces (sari). A person, whose passion for Sari, has gone one step further. Now she is equally involved for the upliftment of weavers, by giving the right direction and wages to theses karigars.


Being “Rooted” that’s what “Zameeni” means in Hindi. Creator of this brand has truly stood by being grounded and connected with the real artisans since the inception of the brand.

India is blessed with the rich heritage as each & every region contributes its unique culture & craftsmanship. To name a few, from Rajasthani Tie-and-dye to Patola of Gujarat, Benarasi Silk from the city of Ghats, delicate Pashima of North India to most expensive silk saris from Kanchipuram. Chanderi from the center of our country Madhya Pradesh

zameeni vision is to conserve and promote this heritage craftsmanship, and encompassing the changing world around it but also remaining consistently true to its innate qualities.

zameeni takes the initiative to bring all the art alive for the modern women. By bringing heritage style of work “Myths, symbols, Imagination and mythology” with the modern touch of dynamic design by using contemporary fiber and bringing new techniques of weaving. Keeping the distinctive identity of each and every region intact.



zameeni originates from the most fundamental and grassroot level. It is our attempt to showcase the rich craft and indigenous textiles sourced directly from weavers of India. Each garment is original, exclusive & showcases the rich heritage of our country.


Being, originating & operating from the core. zameeni is inspired by the beauty & simplicity of designs that emerge directly from the source. We aspire to revive these grass root creations which enrich our culture & preserve our history.


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Navi Mumbai, India
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