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Green Tussar silk with beautiful hand-embroidered motifs

(Tussar/ green/with black hand embroider)


Rich Tussar silk saree in the earthy Green color has a prominent border and is perfectly complimented by embroidered striped palla. The earthy tones of the green is enhanced with the black hand-embroidered motifs all around the saree. The combination of earthy green and black with the hint of gray is elegant on every woman.


Handwoven Black Tussar silk with beautiful Warli painting

(The Black Tussar silk saree)


This black Tussar silk saree is handwoven with warli painting all over. The warli painting on the bodice and border adds to the richness of the heavy palla design. This modern fusion design is traditional yet perfect for the corporate looks.


Grey handloom silk saree with heavy palla (SOLD)

(Handloom silk saree)


This handloom silk saree is lush grey in color with splendid booties all over. The sparkling booties on the bodice resemble the diamond sparkle effect. The heavy palla gives it a luxurious feel and makes it one of the best pieces to flaunt at any weddings, ceremonies or even at parties.


Vishnu puri silk saree with heavy hand embroidered palla

(Magnificent black & green saree)


This magnificent black & green saree has a handwoven / embroidered palla and is 100% Vishnupuri silk. This Vishnupuri silk saree, from West Bengal, is ideal for any formal event, an office meeting or even for a party.


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Our customers flaunt zameeni with pride as we associate each product with a story and a cause!

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One of the best collection of handloom sarees I have come across . Beautiful unique designs, traditional patterns & fabrics . This brand truly is giving the Indian weavers a new lease of life by promoting their work.

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zameeni revolves around exclusive & elegant products which are backed with exclusive weavers and their stories.
We promise authenticity in designs and fabrics to customers along with dignity & justice to our weavers.

About zameeni

Pure Handwoven Fabrics

Handweaving persists in many parts of the world as an expression of ethnic culture and as an art form. Our fabrics are handwoven with love and stories from the weavers. Ahandwoven fabric covers a wide spectrum of woven fabrics formed by interlacing twosets of elements-warp and weft-with the aid of a loom, which is a device for maintaining tension on the warp elements


Weaving compassion into the world,
thread by thread.

We strive to make the world a better place with our continuous associations with various social causes. From starting up a NGO to help people deal with depression to providing a source of income to underprivileged, zameeni is looking out for others.

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